Welcome to Arina Intelligence!

Who are you – Proteus vulgaris, cow, shark or Albert Einstein?

Just remember how curious you were as a child – looking on your pet, catching grasshopers, feeding animals in the zoo… Maybe you had a chance to take care of your virtual pet Tamagotchi – so much loved by children of 1990s.

Later you learnt a lot about life on Earth – how the life started, how the simplest organisms survive, how evolution progressed and how complex is human being. You studied chemistry, physics and biology, but never aggregated them to understand what’s going on in any organism.

We won’t open America for you saying that there are lots of chemical reactions and physical interactions in the organisms… we will just introduce RPG for the real world - Intelligence ☺

It’s a new game about evolution where you can learn and understand through playing how organisms live and survive, what they eat and how they feel, where risk can cost your life or can be the only chance for survival.

Construct your organism, program DNA starting from small bacteria and become ocean shark, dinosaur or desert eagle! Play in the new worlds, survive in different environment, and analyze what you lack and what you need to upgrade
to survive.

Coming soon...

It will be a fantastic adventure. But we need some time to develop the world.

But you can find something new about AI in our article Evolutionary Method of Constructing Artificial Intelligence Systems